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Foreign exchange and payments company OzForex was tackling a major rebrand, bringing its sprawling stable of country operations (UKForex, USForex, NZForex and others) under the single brand OFX.

OFX’s brand-building strategy included a content marketing programme designed to leverage the company’s FX expertise and customer-focused approach, and to boost its online profile in an increasingly crowded fintech market.

The Copy Kitchen researched and wrote a series of light, accessible blog posts offering practical advice for key market segments. Target audiences included couples getting married overseas, students studying abroad and importers of high-value luxury goods. Originally commissioned by the UK office for the Australian market, the posts were subsequently tailored and rolled out across a range of international markets.


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Destination Wedding Planning:
7 Costs Couples Forget to Budget For

Pinch yourself – you’re really getting married overseas. But while luxury resorts and beach ceremonies are definitely dreamy, for any wedding there are cold hard costs to think about too. And destination weddings can bring a few unexpected expenses.

Save some, budget for some

It’s not always more expensive to get married overseas. The guest list is likely to be shorter and the sheer exoticism of the location may let you get away with simpler touches of decor and dress. (Barefoot beach ceremony? You just saved a fortune on wedding shoes!)
You might also end up saving on hotel/venue/wedding planner packages and the cost of using local suppliers like florists and wedding cake makers might be significantly cheaper than at home. But balancing any savings out, watch for these additional costs you might not have counted on.

1. The reconnaissance mission

Will you need a scouting trip? Some things are hard to judge over the internet, like the size, layout and atmosphere of a venue, or the distances between places when you’re trying to plan transport. That will mean extra airfares, accommodation and meals, even if you make your visit super-quick.

2. Licensed to marry

Of course you’re remembering the marriage licence (some people don’t!). But don’t forget to check out how the issuing process works in your destination. You and your betrothed may be required to arrive a few days early – which will mean additional nights and meals – or even make a special trip.

3. Sales taxes and service charges

To avoid nasty surprises on the bill, make sure you understand how tax and service are charged and itemised on quotes from your overseas suppliers. Watch out for prices quoted “++” which might mean tax and service aren’t included.

4. Excess baggage

Allow for excess luggage or weight charges in both directions. Do you have to ship the dress? Will it need its own travel case? What about on-the-day stationery like menus, seating plans, setting cards and programmes? Will you get those printed locally or at home with your wedding invitations? Think about wedding presents too – no matter what you tell your guests, some will bring gifts and you’ll need to transport them home.

5. Looking after your guests

Remember your guests will be away from the conveniences of home. Do any of them need any hired extras like travel cots, baby buggies or babysitters, or wheelchairs and extra taxis for mobility reasons?

6. Tipping suppliers

Is your wedding destination a tipping country? If so, you may need to tip a range of service providers, including bartenders, waiters, valets, drivers, coat checkers, hair stylists, makeup artists, and cake delivery drivers. Don’t forget, it all adds up.

7. ‘Just in case’

No matter how meticulously you plan, anyone who’s ever held a wedding will tell you there are always unexpected costs and forgotten items. And when you’re away from home, if somehow you didn’t pack your hairdryer or the groom forgot his dress shoes you can’t just pop home to retrieve them. Make sure you’ve got a ‘just in case’ buffer – some wedding planners recommend 10-20% of your budget – to take away the stress of unbudgeted costs.

Managing the money side

Of course, everyone in your destination helping you pull off this miracle needs to be paid. Managing the international money transfer might seem daunting, but OFX regularly helps Australians getting married overseas take care of their currency exchange.

Our customer service team takes the anxiety out of transferring even large sums, and will arrange for the money to go straight into your suppliers’ accounts. When it comes to the big expenses, transfers over AU$10,000 are fee-free, and for any amount OFX offers better exchange rates than the banks.

Saving on money transfers will mean a nice bit extra in your wedding budget, which means whatever your exotic destination surprises you with, you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy every minute of your overseas wedding.

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