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Client: Astra Property Investment
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Branding / Website / DM

Giving short-sighted Kiwis a clearer view of the future

New Zealanders are well known for their 'she’ll-be-right' attitude to finances. We don’t save, and we don’t plan ahead. Property investment company Astra aimed to guide home owners to a more secure future through smart leveraging of their existing equity.

The new brand was named for the stars that guided ancient navigators. The direct mail brochure and supporting website were designed to make Kiwis think hard about their true prospects in retirement. By spelling out the options – be clever now, or face the consequences later – the campaign was a compelling call to take stock, and a highly successful lead generator for Astra’s sales team.


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Secure your future. Make smart choices now.

Have you ever stopped to think seriously about what your lifestyle will be like – 10, 20, 30 years from now?

Will you be able to kick back, travel, buy that bach or boat? Do the things you’ve always wanted to do?

For the vast majority of New Zealanders, the answer is no.

More than 70% of Kiwis have trouble making ends meet once they stop working. The main reasons are procrastination and lack of financial know-how.

Don’t put it off. Get some strategic advice now.

Securing your future needn’t involve large outlays of cash or changes to your current lifestyle. Being clever with what you’ve got now can make a huge difference to your future wealth.

If you’ve owned your own home for a number of years, you probably have significant equity in your house. Astra Property Investment can help you leverage that equity to buy investment property.

Essentially that means using the bank’s money to invest in a secure, tangible asset that will return you a passive long-term income – with relatively little effort, and very little risk.

We’ll help you build secure, long-term wealth.

Astra Property Investment will help you strategically select and invest in property to achieve your long-term financial goals. Whatever your idea of wealth, we’ll set you on your own personal path to get there.

Talk to us about securing a financially comfortable future. Our service is completely free and completely independent.

At 65, most Kiwis will have trouble making ends meet.

Out of every 100 people in New Zealand today:
• 1 will retire wealthy
• 5 will retire comfortably off
• 54 will have a below-average income
• 16 will have no choice but to keep working

Getting a smart strategy in place now can make all the difference.

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